Condo, Dorm, and Hotel in One Investment-Worthy Package


Long commutes to school or work can easily take a toll on one’s health and well-being. Imagine the invaluable time and energy wasted on lining up for hours to get inside public transportation or getting stuck in horrible traffic.The fast-paced life that these times demand cannot accommodate such inconveniences.

While there are many condominiums in strategically located spots, not everyone can afford to own or rent a unit. Equally ubiquitous are dormitories and boarding houses, near schools and government offices, but the idea of living in old, cramped structures can be off-putting.

Space Condormitel — a new concept by Major Homes — is an innovative solution. Located in the populated areas in Manila such as the university belt, Space offers condominium comforts—redefining the concept of dormitory living for students and professionals.

Space San Marcelino, Space Romualdez, Space Taft, and Space U-Belt all boast easy access to schools and offices, as well as hospitals, government agencies, malls, and other commercial establishments. There are also retail shops situated within each building. The strategic locations give its occupants opportunity to enjoy balance between work and play for a better quality of life.

Each condormitel has 28 to 38 floors with about 550 to 1,700 units, each one fully furnished with three or four beds. The size range is 14 sqm to 23 sqm. True to the condominium and hotel components of Space, the cordormitels have building features and amenities such as a sky garden, swimming pool, study hall, and fitness gym.

Occupants’ safety is also assured at Space, as every building has 24-hour security and is equipped with CCTV cameras at common areas and elevator cars. Unit owners are given security key cards.

A Choice Investment

But Major Homes’ breakthrough concept is not just an interesting option for someone who needs a space. It also poses an opportunity for the condopreneur—an entrepreneur whose main business is the rental yields of condominiums and apartments. With affordable rates, Space Condormitel is perfect for someone looking to make a small but reliable investment in real estate.

Think of Space Condormitel as a business that requires minimal start-up capital, but can yield steady income. Demand for an affordable space in prime urban locations will never run short, so your condormitel will always have a customer. Perfect for the enterprising balikbayan, Space Condormitel makes sure that your hard-earned savings can grow at a stable rate.

Each condormitel is a real estate asset for it is fully secured with Condominium Certificate Title (CCT), leased out like a dormitory, and with a service comparable to a hotel.

Patterned after a sachet business model, units will be rented out on a per bed basis, making it an incredibly affordable option.

Another good thing about investing in Space Condormitel is that you’re not just buying a property but also owning a hassle-free business. Clients enroll their their units in a rental pool, which will be managed and serviced by a dormitel facility.

Space Condormitel is indeed a win-win opportunity for occupants looking for a rental with more upscale features, but also for the aspiring condopreneur who wants a stable investment.

Major things you need to know about Condormitels


Where were you when a major breakthrough in the real estate market was brought to life? Are you familiar with condormitels? Well, if not, you better get to know this promising investment that you can’t afford to miss.


Condominium + Dormitory + Hotel all in one package, sounds fairly tempting right? It’s more than just providing a luxurious and comfortable living for students, but it’s also a great potential investment for entrepreneurs, OFWs and basically for everyone looking for additional source of funds. The advantages and benefits that you can reap outweighs its monetary value.

Sachet Business Model

One of the best features of investing in a condormitel is that it is leased on a bed per bed basis. Each fully furnished unit consists of 3 – 4 beds, and you will be paid by each bed spacer separately.  To simply put, earning is made easier in this kind of set-up. What’s more good about investing in condormitel is that all you have to do is pay the price, and everything else including the search for renters will be handled and managed by your real estate agent. Next thing you know is that you are already starting to accumulate wealth 24/7.


An investor in a condormitel is called a condopreneur. New to your ears right? Wouldn’t it be nice if you’d be pioneering this newly coined term? It’s not just the name you’d carry but the opportunity and privilege of being part of a stable investment weighs more than anything else.

Start building your wealth by making wise and informed decisions. Your choices will determine what the future holds for you and your family. Better act now, than regret later. Putting your money in condormitels is the safest and surest way to increase your savings and does not demand for additional time and effort.


Reasons Why You Should be a Condopreneur


“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” ― William Jennings Bryan

Entrepreneurship is the way towards financial freedom. You get to choose which path you are heading. It’s unlike when you’re working in an 8 or 9 hour job or profession where you stick with your job description and do what is expected from you. The latter sounds boring and repetitive, and the financial growth is slower as compared to being an entrepreneur, which is a lot more challenging and exciting.

Aside from franchising food carts, online stores, and other kinds of personal business, why not venture into condormitels, and see for yourself how you can double or triple your earnings through their sachet business model?

Here are the reasons why you should invest in condormitels and become a condopreneur:

A Condopreneur can create a legacy

Have you heard about the term condormitel? How about condopreneur? These terms may be that popular for now, but  very promising in the sense that it’s slowly gaining its place in the field of real estate. Isn’t it a privilege to be part of creating a legacy that the future generation will look up to? Well, make no second thoughts anymore, and do a good deed by pioneering an investment that promises high income potential.

A Condopreneur can work from home

Are you a full time parent or a full time professional and got no extra time aside from weekends?  The right and ideal investment for you would be cordormitels. It doesn’t require your presence every week or monthly; you can visit your property even just once in a while or whenever you feel like checking its condition or if you want to meet your renters. All transactions can take place online and do not need physical appearances.

A Condopreneur builds a stable investment for future

Let’s admit it, no matter how simple your living is, being a regular employee is almost not enough to provide and support all your family needs. Decent living is very costly that you have to extend your working hours to at least another  4 hours. Starting your business or investing your money is the only effective solution guaranteed to increase your income.

Another problem is no one actually knows where to invest and how to do it. If it’s your first time and have little or less time to learn the basics or manage it, talk to a real estate agent and venture into condormitels. It’s a one time money out, and the next thing would be money coming in into your savings.

A Condopreneur becomes an instant Boss

Investing in a real estate is like owning your own business. The difference is you don’t need to go to office and you don’t have employees to pay for. When you invest in condormitels, all you have to do is pay the price and let your agents handle everything. Isn’t it what being a boss is like? Sit all day, relax  and earn money without actually working.

Start being practical as early as possible. Never let your hard earned money just sleep somewhere else. Decide now to invest and start accumulating wealth for a stable future for you and your family. Be amongst the first condopreneurs!



Investing tips from Warren Buffett


Have you heard about the famous Oracle of Omaha? He’s no genius, but considered a stock market prodigy. Investing your hard earned money, whether on stock market or on real estate such as condormitels is one of the wisest choices you can make in your life. It may not show instant increase in your bank account, but in the right time, when it matures, you can feel its presence and security of your future.

So, what are the most talked about simple investing tips that Warren Buffett suggests to young investors?

Know your investment
This one’s basic, but most fail to see its importance. One of the easiest way to protect your money is to know where you are investing it. It doesn’t require you to be an expert in your chosen investment, just be knowledgeable about how it works, and its pros and cons. Get to know the company as well, by doing a little research. Don’t just dive into something just because it is hot or in trend. Be careful when making investments, or else you might lose everything in blink of an eye.

Focus on long term goal
Invest on company you believe that can survive in the long run. Find great investments opportunities, like in condormitels and its sachet business model. Keep in mind that building wealth is not an overnight affair, it’ll demand time and patience.

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” – Warren Buffett

Never speculate. The market is constant, there are days it’ll favor your and there are days that it’ll go against you, and that mustn’t cause you to panic. Trust the system and never lose sight of your long term goal.

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Stick with simple investment structures. Simple is better, complex is trouble. According to Warren Buffett, in anything you do, understand exactly what you are doing, and the best way to understand everything is when it is simplified and straightforward.

Stay in your circle of competence and never cease to learn. Doing so will lead to the road of success.

3 Major Things to Consider When Buying Affordable Condo in Manila

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable condo in Manila, here are the 3 major things to consider to get the most value for your money.



When buying a condo, location should be your top priority. It’s best if your condo is located within the main thoroughfare and is easily accessible. Moreover, it should be near malls, drugstores and supermarkets so you wouldn’t have to go far to fulfill your basic necessities.



Knock on the wall and see if the division of your unit is cement or wood. If it is wood, check for the thickness of the wood. Usually, the louder the noise the wood produces, the thinner it is. So watch out. Also, make sure to look through the cabinets of the unit. It is the most basic composition of the condo, so if the developer fails to deliver good quality cabinets, it is more likely that the condo’s quality as a whole is so-so.


Leasing Potential

If you’re investing in a condo for rental yields, choose condo near schools since there is a constant demand for space among students. Condormitels— a coined term for condominium, dormitory and hotel in one—have been popular for offering affordable yet quality living among students. The way this works is kind of unique. Every condormitel unit is fully-furnished complete with beds, appliances and cabinets.  It can have 4 occupants per unit, each paying separately.  Since it is targeting students in Manila, the way it is constructed is very reasonable. As for the investors, your income can grow faster with 4 tenants paying you monthly per unit.


If you’re one of the many people who would like to invest and earn income from a condormitel, you should definitely check it out here:


There are just so many things to take into account before buying that affordable condo you’d just seen around Manila. But make sure that you have assessed your needs and see that whatever the condo is offering fits yours.

Owning a Condo or Apartment: What’s More Affordable in the Long Run?

Space rental is part of Filipino home living especially to those who are living in the urban community. For families who have transferred in the city, apartments and affordable condos are readily available across Manila.

Today, we cannot deny the fact that space rental is a mainstay in the Filipino budget and  expenses. For middle income families, it’s quite difficult to accept the reality that most of their monthly income goes to home rental. This is why many Filipinos aspire to save and invest for their dream houses especially those working abroad and those with stable and high paying job in the Philippines.


If you’re a practical and intelligent tenant, you will not always rely on home rental since it will eventually consume all the money which you are suppose to save or invest on other important things. In this article, we will weigh which between condominiums and apartments will be more affordable in the long run.

Condominiums vs. Apartments

When selecting between these two, potential homebuyers should distinguish them clearly. According to real estate experts, the essential difference of a condo and an apartment is ownership. Basically, apartments are leased for a pre-designed period of time as compared to condos which are owned by individuals who either live in them or rent them out to others.

Speaking of ownership, a typical apartment is usually owned by one or more people that rent out their individual units for additional income. This means that apartment renters are usually not allowed to alter the interior or exterior parts of the space without any permission of the owner.


Meanwhile, condominiums are usually owned by single person, giving him / her the right to redesign their units based on what they like. What’s also good is that condo owners also pay homeowner association fees to collectively share the costs of maintaining the joined living structures.

Basing on these comparisons alone, we can somehow depict that condominiums are giving a typical tenant or home investor the freedom to own them or either rent them out to others. On the other hand, apartments have regular maintenance. For example, something breaks in your apartment, all you have to do is simply call the apartment owner to look at it and shoulder majority of the money for the apartment maintenance.

If you will try to analyze, both can be an additional source of income for overseas Filipino workers. Aside from this, owning an apartment or  condominium can be both beneficial in the long run.

When talking about real estate investments such as these, it is best to consult a broker, an agent or an expert in land development property. In this case, you will be equipped with proper guidance. You should also think of the pros and cons of these investments before you decide to give it a go.






Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are the Philippines’ modern day heroes, hailed as breadwinners for the support they provide for families back home. But when the years of productive work is over, not every OFW gets to secure a stable financial future. Stories have been all too familiar; an OFW returns after a lifetime of hard work only to find himself unemployed and broke.

The only long term solution is having a more sustainable form of income. There is the option of venturing into small businesses or franchising; however it requires hands-on management and a fair amount of time. One can also try real estate since it appreciates over time and can be self-liquidating but requires property management and maintenance. All these options seem viable but surely there must be a simpler way of investing for our kababayans.

Major Homes, a full-serviced real estate development company, offers an innovative real estate product perfect for the OFW investor. These are the Space condormitels — a condominium, dormitory and hotel that operate as one. Space condormitels are 15-19 sqm units fully furnished with 3 to 4 beds with its own kitchen, bathroom, study desks, LED TV, fridge and microwave oven. This new property segment pioneered by Major Homes employs a sachet business model wherein units are leased on a per bed basis.

Settled comfortably near the country’s leading colleges and universities, Space condormitels enjoy constant demand, a steady stream of lease potential and offers an upgrade to the typical dormitory experience. Beside Adamson University is Space San Marcelino, a 28-storey condormitel located along San Marcelino St. Manila. A couple of blocks away is Space Romualdez along Romualdez St Manila. Along Taft Avenue and a few steps away from Philippine Women’s University is Space Taft. And at the center of the university belt there is Space U- Belt, located at CM Recto Avenue where conservative estimates would place the student population at around 350,000 strong.

If one intends to tap into the potential of this robust market, a condormitel could provide a steady stream of fixed monthly income. Owners can also enroll in a hassle-free dormitel program where a professional property manager handles maintenance of their unit while rental income is deposited directly into the owner’s bank account. Interested parties may visit Major Homes website at or call 533-4663.

Things you want to hear about condormitels

space-condormitel - ubelt


Are you looking for a space to live at? How about a long term investment? Free yourself from stress and worry, and learn more about the newly developed living space – condormitels. Here are a few points that would make you want to say yes to grabbing one for yourself.


Where is it located? In choosing a condormitel, keep in mind your purpose. Aside from a need of shelter, you relocate for easy access to your school or work. Travel time is doubled especially if you have no other choice but to pass the main roads. That’s the best thing about real estate developers — they build properties near schools, business areas, hospitals, malls and supermarkets. Such living space accessible for your daily activities is hard to resist.


From the moment you enter the vicinity, you should already feel safe and secured. Living in a space with unfamiliar faces, separated by just walls, you have to ensure your personal safety. Aside from security guards 24/7, cctv cameras strategically located around is something you should look forward to. Also, check the parking lot, if it’s restricted to property owners only. One of the best feature that every condormitels can offer to their clients should be security features.

Value (future investment)

Real estate value appreciates over time. It may not be able to increase its price gradually (selling price) monthly, annually, but it’s real value will mature in the coming years. This idea makes real estate investment a wise choice for every investors.


Easy to purchase and easy to make money from it. An investment that lets you double your earnings 24/7, even while you sleep — isn’t this reason tempting enough? As compared to other investments that an individual can invest on, condormitels will still be managed and leased out by the same management, while the profits go solely to the owner of the unit.

Potential Returns

Have you heard about the sachet business model? It’s by far the most profitable investment you can venture with. Condormitels are leased out on a per bed basis, meaning, when you buy one unit composed of 4 beds, each bed spacer will pay separately. Therefore, as a unit owner, you will receive 4 payments per month, which makes you gain back your investment faster.


Why Invest on Real Estate



Thinking of where to invest your hard earned money? You have the option to either start your own business, venture on stocks or invest on real estate. A good entrepreneur knows when to and when not to take risks. At the same time, they also have the ability to foresee future opportunities and are able to make concrete plans on how they can benefit from it.

Amongst the steadiest investment one can rely on is real estate. Start scouting for affordable condos in Manila, like those near university area, as they have the biggest potential on the market today. Early investment increases your profit in the long run.

Want to know how you can benefit more from this industry? Check this list!

Cash Flow
Real estate can be a source of steady monthly cash flow. After paying all the mandated monthly dues, what’s left is considered your income. Compared to other businesses, it may not provide a one time big earning, but would nevertheless provide extra cash. The great thing about it is you are earning basically by doing nothing.

Continuous cash flow can be assured even if real estate looks bad in the market for some months. It can bounce back, even higher than before, with careful decision-making. Real estate creates endless opportunities for investors, which they can benefit or use for their retirement.

The price of real estate may not increase gradually, but its value appreciates over time. Real estate investment is a long term investment that its benefits will be realized in the near future. Take note that appreciation or increase in value is still dependent on varying factors like location.

Banks grant loans faster especially when the money will be used in real estate investment. The logic is that banks know how safe and profitable real estate investment is. Loan a huge amount, but invest only a part of it, and still be able to meet its monthly payables.

Tax Advantages
Cash payments from your renters will go straight to your pocket without paying taxes. Those tax free profits can be used to invest on other businesses or buy a couple more real estate properties like condos, and increase your cash flow.

The basis of your choice should be stability. Always set your mind on long term goals, instead of short term. Treat investment like a time deposit that you can count on after retirement or any time in the future.