Major things you need to know about Condormitels


Where were you when a major breakthrough in the real estate market was brought to life? Are you familiar with condormitels? Well, if not, you better get to know this promising investment that you can’t afford to miss.


Condominium + Dormitory + Hotel all in one package, sounds fairly tempting right? It’s more than just providing a luxurious and comfortable living for students, but it’s also a great potential investment for entrepreneurs, OFWs and basically for everyone looking for additional source of funds. The advantages and benefits that you can reap outweighs its monetary value.

Sachet Business Model

One of the best features of investing in a condormitel is that it is leased on a bed per bed basis. Each fully furnished unit consists of 3 – 4 beds, and you will be paid by each bed spacer separately.  To simply put, earning is made easier in this kind of set-up. What’s more good about investing in condormitel is that all you have to do is pay the price, and everything else including the search for renters will be handled and managed by your real estate agent. Next thing you know is that you are already starting to accumulate wealth 24/7.


An investor in a condormitel is called a condopreneur. New to your ears right? Wouldn’t it be nice if you’d be pioneering this newly coined term? It’s not just the name you’d carry but the opportunity and privilege of being part of a stable investment weighs more than anything else.

Start building your wealth by making wise and informed decisions. Your choices will determine what the future holds for you and your family. Better act now, than regret later. Putting your money in condormitels is the safest and surest way to increase your savings and does not demand for additional time and effort.