Things you want to hear about condormitels

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Are you looking for a space to live at? How about a long term investment? Free yourself from stress and worry, and learn more about the newly developed living space – condormitels. Here are a few points that would make you want to say yes to grabbing one for yourself.


Where is it located? In choosing a condormitel, keep in mind your purpose. Aside from a need of shelter, you relocate for easy access to your school or work. Travel time is doubled especially if you have no other choice but to pass the main roads. That’s the best thing about real estate developers — they build properties near schools, business areas, hospitals, malls and supermarkets. Such living space accessible for your daily activities is hard to resist.


From the moment you enter the vicinity, you should already feel safe and secured. Living in a space with unfamiliar faces, separated by just walls, you have to ensure your personal safety. Aside from security guards 24/7, cctv cameras strategically located around is something you should look forward to. Also, check the parking lot, if it’s restricted to property owners only. One of the best feature that every condormitels can offer to their clients should be security features.

Value (future investment)

Real estate value appreciates over time. It may not be able to increase its price gradually (selling price) monthly, annually, but it’s real value will mature in the coming years. This idea makes real estate investment a wise choice for every investors.


Easy to purchase and easy to make money from it. An investment that lets you double your earnings 24/7, even while you sleep — isn’t this reason tempting enough? As compared to other investments that an individual can invest on, condormitels will still be managed and leased out by the same management, while the profits go solely to the owner of the unit.

Potential Returns

Have you heard about the sachet business model? It’s by far the most profitable investment you can venture with. Condormitels are leased out on a per bed basis, meaning, when you buy one unit composed of 4 beds, each bed spacer will pay separately. Therefore, as a unit owner, you will receive 4 payments per month, which makes you gain back your investment faster.