Condo, Dorm, and Hotel in One Investment-Worthy Package


Long commutes to school or work can easily take a toll on one’s health and well-being. Imagine the invaluable time and energy wasted on lining up for hours to get inside public transportation or getting stuck in horrible traffic.The fast-paced life that these times demand cannot accommodate such inconveniences.

While there are many condominiums in strategically located spots, not everyone can afford to own or rent a unit. Equally ubiquitous are dormitories and boarding houses, near schools and government offices, but the idea of living in old, cramped structures can be off-putting.

Space Condormitel — a new concept by Major Homes — is an innovative solution. Located in the populated areas in Manila such as the university belt, Space offers condominium comforts—redefining the concept of dormitory living for students and professionals.

Space San Marcelino, Space Romualdez, Space Taft, and Space U-Belt all boast easy access to schools and offices, as well as hospitals, government agencies, malls, and other commercial establishments. There are also retail shops situated within each building. The strategic locations give its occupants opportunity to enjoy balance between work and play for a better quality of life.

Each condormitel has 28 to 38 floors with about 550 to 1,700 units, each one fully furnished with three or four beds. The size range is 14 sqm to 23 sqm. True to the condominium and hotel components of Space, the cordormitels have building features and amenities such as a sky garden, swimming pool, study hall, and fitness gym.

Occupants’ safety is also assured at Space, as every building has 24-hour security and is equipped with CCTV cameras at common areas and elevator cars. Unit owners are given security key cards.

A Choice Investment

But Major Homes’ breakthrough concept is not just an interesting option for someone who needs a space. It also poses an opportunity for the condopreneur—an entrepreneur whose main business is the rental yields of condominiums and apartments. With affordable rates, Space Condormitel is perfect for someone looking to make a small but reliable investment in real estate.

Think of Space Condormitel as a business that requires minimal start-up capital, but can yield steady income. Demand for an affordable space in prime urban locations will never run short, so your condormitel will always have a customer. Perfect for the enterprising balikbayan, Space Condormitel makes sure that your hard-earned savings can grow at a stable rate.

Each condormitel is a real estate asset for it is fully secured with Condominium Certificate Title (CCT), leased out like a dormitory, and with a service comparable to a hotel.

Patterned after a sachet business model, units will be rented out on a per bed basis, making it an incredibly affordable option.

Another good thing about investing in Space Condormitel is that you’re not just buying a property but also owning a hassle-free business. Clients enroll their their units in a rental pool, which will be managed and serviced by a dormitel facility.

Space Condormitel is indeed a win-win opportunity for occupants looking for a rental with more upscale features, but also for the aspiring condopreneur who wants a stable investment.